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Wishing for larger team?

Wishing for larger team?

Produtiva Jira GPT AI Assistant is a tool that helps you to create and refine Jira tickets faster. It uses the latest AI technology to understand your text and create/refine tickets automatically. It's like having a larger team without the cost and management overhead.

Produtiva GPT AI Assistant for Jira
Efficiency at your fingertips

Produtiva GPT AI Assistant for Jira

Install the Jira app from Atlassian marketplace and gain efficiency with ticket creation and refinement directly in Jira.

  • Smart ticket reformat with AI
  • AI Generated Acceptance Criteria
  • AI Generated Test Cases
  • Get critical feedback on user story
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Did you know Product Owners in software companies spend up to 50% working on user stories?
By leveraging the power of AI, product managers and owners can work more efficiently and effectively, resulting in faster time-to-market, improved user satisfaction, and increased revenue.
Own your products efficiently

Generate acceptance criteria

Automate the tedious and time-consuming task of defining and refining acceptance criteria. Quickly identify key user needs and behaviors, and generate accurate and personalized acceptance criteria that align with business goals and drives engineering team to success

Generate test cases

Story points estimation

Get critical feedback

Smart reformat

Your custom commands

Generate acceptance criteria in Jira with AI
Generate test cases in Jira with AI
Story points estimation in Jira with AI
Get critical feedback in Jira with AI
Smart reformat in Jira with AI
Your custom commands in Jira with AI
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